New iMacs & other goodies from Apple

iMac with M1

Yesterday Apple announced a whole raft of new kit. Full details are available on however, there are a couple of things which look amazing. First off are the new iMacs. Completely redesigned from the ground up these new machines look stunning with a 4.5k screen over a 24" size display. The star of the show is the new M1 chip. As Apple continue to make the transition to Apple Silicon, the new iMacs get the M1 treatment with a ground-breaking performance increase. Now your iMac can run iPad and iPhone apps directly as well as handle a fully loaded MacOS Big Sur environment allowing all your favourite programs to function flawlessly. Available in 7 colours and starting at £1,249 you get a lot of kit for your money.

Air Tags

Air tags have been in the works for a fair while now - we first heard of them over a year ago but Apple are not ones to release 'half baked' products so have been fine tuning the device until its ready - that day has arrived. Air Tags take advantage of the U1 chip that is in the iPhone 11 upwards to give accurate location tracking with both distance and direction. The tags can be put on your car keys, house keys, luggage, laptop bag - pretty much anything that you could lose that is valuable enough to attach the £29 device. Compatible with the iOS 14.5 (due out the end of April) Air Tags use a user replaceable (thanks Apple!) CR2032 battery to provide power and are even IP67 rated for water immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes. Check out AirTag - Apple (UK) for further information.

M1 iPad Pro, 4K HDR AppleTV, iPhone 12 - in purple!

In addition to the above, Apple also introduced a gorgeous looking iPhone 12 in purple, the new Apple TV 4K with HDR and another show stopper - the new iPad Pro which also contains the M1 chip. This makes the new iPad pro the fastest device of its kind in the world and completely blows away the competition in usability and performance.

You can watch the entire Apple event that was streamed last night here: Apple Events - April 2021 - Apple (UK)

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