Sabre Desktop PC

We have our own brand of performance desktop PC systems.  Known as the Sabre Range, they are built to order and tailored to the individual customer’s needs.  If you just need a basic set up for Internet, Facebook and Office tasks then our Ryzen 3 Sabre will fit the bill.  This quality system is based on the excellent AMD Ryzen 3 processor which can handle all these tasks and a little gaming as well.  If you are requiring more power, then the Ryzen 7 Sabre offers six or eight core processing with gaming performance for the most demanding games.  All systems are trailered to the customers needs so you know you are getting a personalized system specific for the tasks you use the computer for, therefore not paying for features you will never use.  For the middle of the road, try our Ryzen 5 Sabre.  These have a higher quality gaming experience but retaining excellent value for money.  All systems come installed with Microsoft Windows 10 (Home or Professional).

All our systems are backed up by the Wizard PC Services comprehensive warranty which includes a full 12 months parts cover and on site problem solving where possible.

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Should you prefer an Intel build, we offer this too.  Systems range from a Core i3 to the mighty Core i9  We offer a tailored approach to system building, not an 'off the shelf' solution.  If you want a DVD/Bluray drive - fine, if you don't, then that's fine too - its all about what you need in your pc (and what you don't!)

To configure your very own Sabre Gaming PC, go to our online shop where you can build and cost your own Sabre Desktop PC

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We build quality, powerful desktop PC systems

We build quality, powerful desktop PC systems

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Ryzen 5 wth Vega Graphics
Intel 10th Gen.jpg

A recent Ryzen 3 Sabre build.  Nice, simple yet powerful for everyday computing - the perfect entry level system

An example of a desktop PC, customer requested full colour RGB lighting and a water cooled system