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We are an established PC and laptop repair business based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.  Offering help to business and residential customers for all types of issues, we pride ourselves on the high level of customer service provided at all times.

Customers want good service, a solution to their problem at a fair price. That's what we do.

Leon Reynolds, Proprieter


Hi, thanks for taking an interests in Wizard PC Services. My name is Leon and I am the owner, here is a little information about me and my interests.


Graduating from Kidderminster College, I set up my computer company in 2008 after a successful career in the Financial Services Sector. My business background has been essential in enabling me to relate directly to my clients and their specific needs.


I have always had a keen interest in computers starting at the age of twelve when my family clubbed together to buy me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.  After just a short period of time, I was writing simple programs using the BASIC programming language.  I used the Spectrum for a few years and moved through the various versions from the simple 48k to the 128k and finally the MGT SAM. I eventually moved onto PC’s and have been using them ever since.

In my early years, like most people of my age, I used the PC mainly for gaming and internet work during my spare time, but as my interest and knowledge grew, I became adept at Microsoft office and designing spreadsheets.  In my early 20's I was working in the financial services industry and my Area manager regularly used my skills for collating the sales figures at work. In my spare time I taught myself website design and hosting.


In 2008, I decided the time was right to setup on my own and from small beginnings, through hard work and a dedicated customer focus, I now have a wide range of clients both private and business serving Kidderminster and the surrounding area.  Many of my clients I regard as friends as well as customers. I am a strong believer in building relationships, getting to know my customers to enable me to provide a dedicated service.


I now provide a wide range of services ranging from problem solving to general computer support to custom build gaming computers -  I can even help with setting up TV and Blu-ray players as well as Home cinema systems, mobile phones and tablets.


Wizard PC is now well-established and respected in the area with a growing loyal customer base. My primary task is to continue to offer help and support to them and develop new customers.


For the future, I see the business expanding further into areas such as high-end gaming rigs with custom water-cooling.  I am able to build systems from scratch (see an example on a separate page) and still enjoy gaming (when I have the time!) not just for fun but to keep up with current trends; many of my customers use my machines for gaming. 


Wizard PC Services is available for all your PC and laptop needs.  From repairs to software, I offer the best customer service around, evidenced by the high volume of Google reviews and returning customers who know they will get good service, the solution to their problem, and excellent value for money.