How to add a secure password to your notes on iPhone & iPad

Ok, so we are all in the same boat now - we have loads of websites that we need to log into - Utility, Bank Account, Amazon, eBay, Marks and Spencer - the list is endless. And we should all be using a completely different password for each of these sites (hands up those that dont, tut tut) but its getting easier to forget which site uses which password so you need a list which is handy, accesable, you always have with you and cant be read by those who dont need to know. Enter the simple (and mighty powerful) notes app on the iphone.

The notes app has been given a big makeover over the last couple of releases of iOS and has some mighty features that many of you may not be aware of. Here I will tell you a great way of taking advantage of these features:

So what we are going to do is create a folder on the notes app which will be available on all your iOS devices that use your icloud account, enter individual notes to that folder and password protect each note seperately. Here's how:

Open the notes app on your iPhone or iPad and tap 'New folder'

In the box that slides up select 'icloud'

Type in a name for your folder - like 'passwords' or 'important' then tap save

open the new folder by tapping on it

Tap the new note tool at the bottom right of the screen

Start typing in the details of the note - eg 'Utilities password' or 'Apple password' Then start a new line and enter the details of your account - usually your email address then on a new line type in the password. It should look something like the picture below

Tap the 'Important' text (or whatever you named the folder at the beggining) at the top left

What you have now done is to create a folder and create a note within that folder. The note name is denoted by the text you type in the top line of the note. Now we are going to lock the note with a password: Tap on the note to go back into it then tap the rectangle box with the arrow pointing out of it in the top right.

A box will slide up on your screen, scroll the grey row of icons at the bottom until you see the 'lock note' padlock and tap it.

Once you have tapped the padlock it will ask you for your thumb print, face ID or your apple password depending on your device capabilities. Tap back to get to the list of folders by tapping on the folder name at the top.

You can see from the icon next to the note that the padlock is open - to lock the note click the 'Lock now' prompt at the bottom of the page. This will lock the note. To open the note, tap on it and then click the view note link in the middle of the screen.

And that's it! You can add as many notes as you like to the folder. Don't forget there's even more you can do as you can store pictures and scan documents in a note as well. So if you need to keep a copy of a document on your phone (and any other iOS device that's linked to your iCloud account) and need to protect it with your apple password, then use notes.

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