Battlefield V

One for the gamers.

EA/Dice are to release the eagerly anticipated next chapter in the Battlefield franchise. 2 Years after the massively successful Battlefield 1 was released, EA and Dice once again join forces to offer this very promising follow-up. The reveal trailer was launched to a big fanfare last night (23/5/2018) and looks amazing. You can check out the launch video at the bottom of the post but here are some screen shots provided by EA

The first person genre has always been a very big part of gaming and there is plenty of competition for your cash. The big players have always been Call of Duty and Battlefield, but we now have PUBG and Fortnight as independent games that have really taken the internet by storm and already have big player bases. Another big release - Overwatch has a reported player base of 40 million players and has brought in $269m in revenue from digital sales worldwide (Wikipedia). With these numbers its logical to expect EA to come into the market with a follow-up but it must deliver - remember the massive backlash EA had with Star Wars Battlefront 2? This must be avoided, and if the release statement is anything to go by it does appear that EA have learnt from their mistakes. There will be no 'Pay to Win', no in game currency not even a premium pass. Everyone will start on a level playing field which is really good news.

Battlefield V introduces two major new game modes.

One is called Grand Operations, which will be an epic, historically inspired, multimatch, multiplayer mode. The first mission sees the player landing as a paratrooper behind enemy lines, tasked with taking out anti-aircraft artillery points. That’s dubbed day one, and your performance at that mission directly affects how many soldiers (or respawns), resources, and vehicle choices you’ll have when you begin day two. The second day in Rotterdam is when the main invasion force has landed, and you’re trying to reclaim more sectors of the city from the occupying force. Day three moves things deeper, into the devastated, bombed-out parts of the city, and that’s where you can claim a decisive victory.

Day four in Grand Operations is called the Final Stand, and it fully embraces the scarcity idea. You get one life, one primary weapon with limited ammo, and you basically fight to the death. By this point, each player will have invested more than an hour into the contest, so the sense of a high-stakes battle for glory will be proportionately amped up.

Battlefield V will be available to play for the first time at EA Play, EA’s satellite event to the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles, which is taking place a couple of weeks from now. The deluxe edition of the game goes on sale on October 16th for Xbox One One, PlayStation 4, and PC, while the standard edition will be available on the same platforms on October 19th. No PC system specs have been released at present, but judging by the video, you'll need a pretty powerful rig to run it - I'm guessing i5 /Ryzen 5 with 8Gb Ram, Geforce 1060 or equivalent and 70Gb+ free hard drive space are expected minimums.

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