Apple WWDC 2018 today

Apple's annual developers conference gets underway today. Show starts at 6PM UK time and can be viewed via the Apple website (, your Apple TV and various other news sites who are also streaming the event live.

Most of the content (as always) is kept under wraps and this year is no exception. However as with all these events there is always a leak or 2 with unconfirmed details of what we are likely to see. First up is the anticipated announcement of the 2018 line up of iPhones. It is expected that well see a larger iPhone X (X plus?) which is likely to be the same physical size as the 7 and 8 plus, but will have an edge to edge design featuring a larger display. We should also see a new budget iPhone the iPhone SE2, which is again expected to mirror the iPhone x screen style but maybe with an LCD rather than an OLED screen. I personally love the SE design (I prefer the angled design rather than the round edges on the other phones), so am looking forward to seeing this.

Other announcements should include and update to Siri (long awaited) and iOS12.

Additional details will be posted after the show.

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