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Welcome to Wizard PC Services.  We offer help and support for all your computing needs.  If you have a laptop or PC that is not working as it should, please get in touch.  We have over 12 years trading experience  in getting things working again and are ready when you need us.

Now that the Coronavirus has a clear treatment and vaccination path hopefully we have seen the end to national lockdowns.  We are always happy to help and will obviously keep to any regional restrictions and be 'Covid Safe'

Gaming PC's

With Christmas on the Horizon, there has been an increased demand for gaming PC's  With the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator and more recently Cyberpunk 2077, the gaming sector is in full flight.  Should you or a family member be wanting to jump on this train, we can custom build you a gaming PC to match the most demanding titles - whether that is competitive Fortnight matches or getting the beauty of Ray Traced visuals in Cyberpunk 2077, we can build the right system for you.  Please get in touch for more details and to get a personalised quotation for your specific demands - no 'off the shelf' offerings here, every system is custom built to suit you.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all my regular  customers for their support and understanding during this difficult time and to the new customers that I have helped during lockdown for their support. I look forward to helping you further in time to come.


You can contact me by going my contact us page.


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Leon Reynolds, Proprietor

Work from Home PC Build

Many people have been furloughed or are having to work from home.  If you are feeling your PC is not up to the job that you now need, why not take the opportunity to upgrade to a faster and more efficient PC?


Our Ryzen based 'Work from Home' PC's, come with everything you need - a fast processor, ultra fast storage, Wi-Fi and Full Kaspersky Internet security to keep your PC safe whilst you Zoom and Skype.  Starting at just £475 for a custom built desktop PC, you can breath new life into your work whilst utilising your existing screen, keyboard and mouse. With a clear upgrade path, your new PC will be more productive and upgradable in the future.

Call us today and see how we can help you to be more productive, whether it be for working from home, or needing a more capable PC to offer education to your children.

Sabre 3 

Desktop PC

from just £475

Top Tech Tip - Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters are an excellent way of cleanly and easily adding internet connectivity to a room not serviced by your router.  This could simply be distance from your router or the number of solid walls the wifi signal has to pass through.  Powerline adapters simply plug into a standard 3 pin power plug and use the copper electrical wiring to route the signal.  A second adapter then plugs into or near the location you need internet access allowing the device to connect wirelessly (or with a LAN cable).  Check out this (and other) offers from Amazon on a TP-Link starter kit that offers great performance from a proven brand.  I use this same system at home with excellent results.

Top Tech Tip - Solid State Drive 

In many computers the slowest part of system is the Hard Drive.  Traditionally this is a mechanical device with a motor and a disk that stores the data.  To give your laptop or PC the performance increase it deserves upgrade this to a Solid State Drive - no moving parts and much faster data transfer capabilities.  Contact us today to upgrade your system and get more reliable data storage with much better system responsiveness.

Teamviewer Remote Support Application

If you have been contacted us and have been offered remote support, please click the button below to download the TeamViewer application.  Once this is installed, you will be given instructions on how to make the connection so we can quickly and efficiently provide assistance.

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