Windows 7 support ends 14 January 2020

So here we are almost at the end of 2019 and if you haven't done it already (and many of you haven't) its now time to do away with the much loved Windows 7 and embrace the future that is Windows 10. Support ends on 14th January 2020 and if you are running Windows 7 you would have already been badgered by the constant pop ups from Microsoft advising you to do what i'm badgering you to do! Its relatively easy to upgrade to '10' and most PC's are compatible (even some 6 year+ old machines will run it fine). If you decide to embark on this task yourself, always remember to make a backup copy of all your important data. Most upgrades are successful without issues, but its always better to be prudent. Of course, we can always do this for you and will always ensure your data is kept safe and confidential during the upgrade. Either way - this is an important task as if you leave it beyond 14th January you will be leaving your PC vulnerable to virus's, infiltration and data theft. There are many improvements in security that you will enjoy as part of the move to Windows 10 and its not that difficult to use - despite what you may have heard!

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