WiFi 6 is officially here. What is it and should I care?

So it’s official - WiFi 6 has now been released (in draft form pending ratification later this year) so should I care? Broadband routers use a standard to transmit your data to your devices. Over the years we’ve had various different improvements all going by the technical name of 802.11. I won’t go into the early days, but when it all got interesting was when we had the ‘G’ routers. This finally gave housholds the ability to get a wireless connection. Then we moved to ‘n’ and after that ‘ac’. All these letters after the 802.11 don’t really mean anything to the average joe so the WiFi alliance has now decided to add a number instead, so 802.11ac becomes WiFi 5 and the new ‘ax’ standard becomes WiFi 6. PC Mag have put together a guide which goes into more detail and helps you decide on wether you should upgrade your broadband router.


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