OK, so its Christmas holidays and most people have some extra time off from the busy schedule of work. So what to do with that extra time? Well, that extra time would be very well spent in revisiting those pesky passwords we all use on the sites we visit. Its always good practice - in fact its imperative - to have a different password for each and every site we need to log in. This could be dozens of unique websites and their associated passwords to remember. Not ideal, so what do we do? We write them down in a book! Don't worry, we've all done it, but there is a better and much safer way: use a password manager.

There are a few password managers out there that you could use. Some internet security software packages come with a password manager which is great, until you decide to change your security package and all those passwords have to be revisited again. 'Last Pass' is a third party password manager and is regarded as the #1 manager. Its easy to use, has browser add ins for all the major browsers and works on Windows, Mac, iOS and android; it integrates with your mobile phone too and the beauty is that if you add a password to your account on the go, its there waiting on your desktop PC and laptop when you get home. Best of all - they offer a free account which is great for most peoples use.

The way it works is you create a 'Last Pass' account - make sure it has an easy to remember but difficult to guess password - this is important as its your master access to all your passwords. Once your account is set up you can go through all your sites one by one and add them to your last pass account - its easy to add new sites to your account and you can manage each site by adding it to their own folder - Work, Social Media, Shopping etc. When you next visit your social media or shopping site, on the login area there is a small icon which is the Last Pass auto fill - just click it and it will recognise which site you are on and offer to fill in your username and password from the information in your Last Pass vault. And that's it! Now there is no longer an excuse to write the passwords in a book, or to forget them!

Try last pass at

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