Beware scam emails

So we’ve all heard of scam emails and the potential dangers that they hold. I received one a few days ago which I want to share with you now so you can see what to look out for when trying to decide if it’s genuine or a scam.

The first picture is of the email itself. It‘a displayed in on an iPhone and at first glance seems pretty genuine but there are some immediate things to look for. First off, whenever I recieve an email from eBay it always is addressed to my eBay user account name NOT my actual name so in this case that raised my awareness. Next (and most blatantly) there is a typo in the heading - ‘Review you eBay account’. It should be review ’your’ obviously.

The next thing is a little more technical and is the final way of finding the scam:

if you click on the name of who sent you the email in the first place (circled in the picture) to expand it then tap on it again, it will give you the email address from where this email was sent.

As you can see from the picture this clearly is not an eBay address. is Never going to be used by eBay to send emails. Something to bear in mind - the important bit is the part after the @ sign. This is the domain name so any emails from eBay should come from **** not from anything else. Now, one other thing. In the body of the email is a http link that says etc. It’s important to note that although this link appears to be pointing to an eBay update this is not the case. You can type any text into an email and tag the text to point to a different location easily so never assume that because it says eBay in the link, thats where it’s actually going to take you. And that’s the way to see if an email is scam. If you get one, never click on it and always make sure it’s deleted.

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