Another scam email

Im sure we are all well aware of the scam emails that are doing the rounds at the moment, however its always best to know about as many as possible in order to protect yourself. Today I've been made aware of a new one that looks very convincing for a few reasons. The new one prays on the fact that your TV licence is due for renewal. This one is particularly distasteful as its aimed at the more senior user who may very well be taken in by it. If you have elderly family members who could get taken in by this make sure they are aware of this scam

In the 2 images attached, you can see the email first and foremost that is being received. Its pretty convincing. Another way of testing the authenticity of an email is to see where the email has come from. This one has a pretty convincing email address that it appears to come from as shown in the second image.

The bottom line is this is a scam and you shouldn't get pulled into clicking on any of the links. Please just delete the email.

The email address the email comes from looks pretty convincing too

Scam email looks convincing

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