Desktop PC that catches the eye

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Desktop PC's are all about the power inside the case - and this is true, however, its also nice to have a machine that looks as good on the outside as it performs on the inside. The above is a great example of this. Inside we have a powerful Core i5-3570K, 16Gb DDR3 RAM as well as an ultra fast Solid state drive. To whet your apatite, full specs are below.

  • Intel Core i5-3570k @ 3.4Ghz

  • Asus P8Z77-V motherboard

  • 16Gb DDR3 RAM

  • 500Gb Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Hard Drive

  • Corsair AIO Watercooler

The machine is excellent as an all rounder. Its running Windows 10 Home edition (v1803) and is very stable with good temperatures. To enhance the machine further, if you are a gamer you could add a Geforce 1060 and this would be an excellent gaming rig.

The star of the show is the AeroCool case. Its a full ATX case so plenty of room inside for cooling, but its on the outside that makes it stand out. The lighting effects are all customisable with a button that is in the top of the case. Just press the button to cycle through the many colour options and set it to match the lighting in your room, or your mood - very cool!

Machine is fully ready to go and is selling for £375. Its a one off, so once its gone its gone.


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