Quality 2nd User laptops

We have a supply of quality 2nd user laptops.  Current stock includes HP Pro Book, HP Elite Book, Lenovo portable and Dell Latitudes.

All machines are checked, serviced, warranted and given the stamp of approval before being released to customers. Our current supply includes:

  • Core i5 processors

  • Minimum of 4Gb System RAM

  • Minimum 320Gb Hard Drive

  • Range of screen sizes - 11" - 15"

  • Some models have Windows Hello fingerprint recognition system

  • All machines are Windows 10 and are fully up to date with most recent release

  • All machines can be further upgraded to include Solid State Drives

Please contact us for further details


Here at Wizard PC we will help you set up your new mobile device so you can check your social media feeds and emails. The device could be a mobile phone or a tablet and although we specialise in Apple mobile products we provide support for Android based systems too


Having over 10 years of experience with computers, we have the knowledge to help setup and resolve problems with all makes of laptops.  This could be a hardware fault or a software problem, either way you are just a phone call away to getting your machine back up and running


Desktop PC systems are historically the way that people accessed computer services such as email and internet access.  In recent years, we have seen a change as more and more people choose mobile and laptop devices to access these services.  However, for the power user and the gamers, there is no substitute for a desktop PC - they are faster and more powerful than their mobile counterparts and are for many, the only way they can undertake the tasks they need to do.  As a supplier of our own brand of Sabre desktop PC's we can help to resolve all issues with desktop PC's. Whether these are upgrades, hardware faults our software issues, we are here to help.


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We have designed and created a range of products to enhance the look of your computer. Custom Cable Combs are used to make sure your individually sleeved PSU cables are neat and tidy.

Custom desktop and laptop case stickers. Add the perfect finishing touch to your PC with custom case stickers

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