Below is an overview of the services and solutions Wizard PC Services provides. At Wizard PC Services, we have been serving both business and residential clients since 2008 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the local computer services industry.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us on 01562 822494 or complete the inquiry form on the Contact Us page.

General PC assistance.

Includes anything that you need help with including: Broadband queries, email issues, tuition, installation of new equipment including printers, webcams, backup facilities etc., generally putting things right for you

Charged by the hour @ £40/hr minimum 1 hour

Laptop repairs

Repairs include: screen replacements, memory upgrades/replacements, Hard Disk Drive replacement, Power socket repair, liquid spillage repairs, screen hinge replacement etc.

Rates for these repairs are not by the hour but are per repair.  Prices vary depending on which repair is required.  Prices start at £85.00 including parts

Desktop PC repairs

Desktop PC repairs includes replacement power supply, replacement/upgrades to memory, Hard Drive replacement, case swap, graphics card replacement, motherboard replacement due to failure (some faults can be repaired), general upgrades.

Rates for these repairs are dependent on repair needed.  Rates are from £20.00 + part costs

Software Issues

Software issues are generally caused by a corrupted operating system, Driver issue or software install.  These cause a slowdown of your computer and at worse the Blue Screen fault.  Recovery could involve a full operating system recovery, Repair to the Operating System, Virus removal or other repair.  Includes data recovery

Rates vary depending on what solution is required.  Repairs start at £40.00

All repairs are diagnosed at the location of the machine/laptop unless otherwise agreed.  Repair work maybe off site as necessary.  All prices quoted are fully inclusive, there are no extras to worry about unlike other companies that quote you a price, then add VAT to it, so you end up paying more than you expected.  We accept cash or  cheques.

Sabre Desktop PC Systems

NetObjects Fusion 2013We have our own brand of performance desktop PC systems.  Known as the Sabre Range, they are built to order and tailored to the individual customer’s needs.  If you just need a basic set up for Internet, Facebook and Office tasks then our A6 Sabre will fit the bill.  This quality system is based on the excellent AMD A6 APU processor which can handle all these tasks and a little gaming as well.  If you are requiring more power, then the A10 Sabre offers quad core processing with gaming performance for the most demanding games.  All systems are trailered to the customers needs so you know you are getting a personalized system specific for the tasks you use the computer for, therefore not paying for Sabre Systemsfeatures you will never use.  For the middle of the road, try our A8 Sabre.  These have a higher quality gaming experience but retaining excellent value for money.  All systems come installed with Microsoft Windows 10, however Windows 7 is available as an option

All our systems are backed up by the Wizard PC Services comprehensive warranty which includes a full 12 months parts cover and on site problem solving where possible.

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